Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Fragrance of Spring

One of my favorite seasons is winter, because there is so much happening in nature that the eye cannot naturally behold. Without a season such as winter, new life would not be able to blossom. Such is the case in one’s walk with God. There are many seasons I have experienced throughout my life. Every season is necessary even though at times it may be hard to see a transformation outwardly taken place. Currently, I would say that I am walking through a winter like season in my life where the Lord is doing a work in me that will in turn produce amazing new fruit. My husband and I just recently moved to the Springfield area. With moving there has been a newness to everything which I love. With the newness comes the opportunity to build new relationships, experience new places and consider new career opportunities. Through this transition God has been working in my heart in the area of where I find my identity and getting to an even deeper level than He has before. Although there is so much newness, there is the struggle of wanting to be known. Before moving I was surrounded by people that I had shared rich life experiences with. However, when I moved to Springfield I know longer was surrounded by people who truly knew me, which created a void within my heart. The Lord has used this transition to open my eyes to my spiritual significance in Him. I am sure this is only the beginning of the many moves my husband and I will make together. I believe God is wanting to make sure that I am secure in who He declares that I am, that He knows He could call my husband and I anywhere and together we would thrive, not based on who knows us or what we are doing, but simply because we are in Him. As I walk out this new season in my life, I trust that in time the fragrance of spring will come.
"And you are complete in Him..." Colossians 2:10