Sunday, January 23, 2011

Are we Robbing Oursleves?

As I have been reading through Genesis, I've noticed a theme. God makes covenant with mankind, and then mankind struggles at times to believe God's word. From the foundation of the earth this has been a reoccurring theme that still plays out in history today. All of us are born into a life of bondage and are in need of rescuing. However, bondage can often become a comfortable and familiar state for us to live in. Just like the Israelites when the Lord delivered them out of slavery they wanted to go back to slavery as they faced famine and hardships. God had promised them to give them a land following with milk and honey, but the land of slavery was what was most familiar to them. Therefore, they valued slavery more than freedom, because it was familiar. This is the same situation we find ourselves into today fighting daily between slavery and a life of freedom. At times it is easier for me to be negative then to have hope. I know hopelessness and I am comfortable living in a state of hopelessness. If I am hopeless, I cannot be disappointed. However, when I choose hopelessness, I am only robbing myself of the freedom God wants me to walk in. Think of it this way, if you knew that someone one was stealing from you on a daily basis and you could stop him or her, wouldn't you? Consequently, for many of us the truth is we are being robbed daily and do nothing to stop the thief. Slavery starts in the mind and then manifest in our actions. These are the following questions then I have to ask myself. What thoughts am I allowing to run rampant in my mind that is robbing me of the life of freedom that God designed for me to have? What choices am I making that keeps me from the long awaited Promised Land? I may feel safe in the land of slavery, but if I insist on being a slave, I will never live life as a freed man.


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