Saturday, April 11, 2009

It is Time...

About a week ago I attended a women's night at our church. The theme was "It is time." This same reoccuring theme continues to come up in my life. The last couple months I have been participating in a Beth Moore Study, Esther: It is tough being a woman. There are many themes throughout Esther, but the underlining one is God's providential timing. Did you know that throughout the book of Esther God name is not mentioned once, but as you read through the pages His name is all over the circumstances. This is where I am at in this season of life. I know confidently that God moved us to Springfield, yet I am walking in a season that requires more faith. However, in the past when I have made steps of faith there have often been aha moments where I was saying to myself, "yes this is exactly where I am callled." Life is springfield is more of a hidden season. I feel as though I am being tucked away, and just drawing on God's faithfulness in preparation for something yet unknown. Eventhough I do not know what the next steps are, there is a confidence growing inside me that timing is key! Be encouraged in whatever season of life you are in God is faithful, and His banner over us is love!

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